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September Pipeline 2021

Dear Member,

Welcome to our September issue of GAS Pipeline Pipeline will keep you up to date on happenings in Guildford Art Society and what your committee are doing on your behalf - and provide fun activities and challenges from time to time.
Our Demonstration Programme Arranged by Sally Perrella We're sharing Woking's online Demo this Saturday 4th of September By Richard Crabtree - Wildlife in Pastels - 2.30 to 4.30.

Our own Autumn Programme will commence on 11th of September at 2pm at St Catherine's Village Hall with a Welcome Back Social - Coffee, Cakes and a Chat (no Demo). Details will be emailed by Sally or our Hon Sec Jean Ellis in the next few days. Our Programme will continue with - 9th October Heather Miller Impressionist, semi abstract - Acrylics 13th November Phil Madley Subject TBA - Encaustic Wax Painting 11th December Christmas Social (No Demo) 8th January 22 Two Rivers Paper Handmade Watercolour Paper
We hope that St Catherine's will be the venue for all our Demos - though it is possible that some of the demos may need to be online. More details nearer the time. If any of our demos are indeed online the artists will broadcast in their chosen format, and Sally or Jean will email details in advance on how to join. Demos will start at 2.30 and finish at around 4.30, and we may be able to provide a recording of some of them for a limited time after the demo.

Our Exhibitions Programme

Starts with A One-Day Pop-up Exhibition at Holy Trinity Church, High St. Guildford, on 23rd October. Members may submit -

- To enter - Please advise Ingrid soonest at

The remaining programme to year end is -

-Our Autumn Exhibition at West Horsley Place, from 6th November

- The Artisan Fair at West Horsley Place, 26th-28th November

- A Christmas Pop-upat Holy Trinity Church, 4th December

Our Artist of the Month for August is Linda Day

This Might Interest You Annmarie's Friday Group - resumes on 17th September and she has a vacancy! If you'd like to join please email Annmarie on for details. Sessions are 9.30 to 12.30 and have a live model, but you can work on your own piece if you prefer. Do it now before it fills up again! Members Exhibiting This Month Clare Kuznik is exhibiting at Guildford Cathedral 14th September to 3rd October. Open weekdays 10.30 - 15.30. Suture - The Invisible Thread - Contemporary Images with a Christian Theme.

The Challenge for September is ....... HOLIDAYS. Despite the foreign travel limitations we've had plenty of holiday inspiration at home with the warm sunny weather recently - oops! shouldn't have said that! Stretch the theme as far as you like - in any medium or visual art form. If you'd like to enter just email your image (.jpeg or .jpg file) to Cecilia at - by the 20th of September, and please make sure you give her your full name in your email. And the boring stuff -

- Just one entry per person please

- A .jpeg or .jpg file - not a link to your website

- If you ask your friends to look at your entry ask them to put a like against ALL the entries that catch their eye - Challenge is for fun and we want the best entries to win

- Please be aware of Copyright - (Ugghh! I hear you gasp). Sorry, but it's really important that you don't get yourself - or GAS - into Copyright trouble. We're all influenced by works of other people and in most cases (I'm not a lawyer, mind) it's OK to practise by copying the work of others. If however you put something which is a close copy of someone else's work up for sale or enter it in a competition, you could well - and quite inadvertently - breach the laws of Copyright. For information please click on the Gallery tab on the GAS website where you will find guidance and useful links. Please don't therefore enter a painting in Challenge which is a close copy of another artist's work - even if you painted it yourself.

And Finally - From You To Us!

If you'd like to make a comment or suggestion please send us an email - we'd be glad to hear from you!

Take Care - and See You Next Month!
David Sprot and Cecilia Barandiaran-Sprot - Pipeline Editors


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