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Membership Secretary 

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Exhibitions Coordinator

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We are always looking for members to help out with catering and exhibitions - please click here to find out about our current Programme and then contact the appropriate Committee member.. 


If you have done something interesting and you have a photograph to go with it and you would like to tell everyone about it through our website, then please click here to submit it to our Webmaster.  


We are always interested to know your thoughts about an exhibition or event that you have visited or your expertise written up as an article which we can publish in our magazines.  Send your review to our GAS Pipeline Editor, David Sprot, who edits our regular monthly publication by clicking here



If you are a Member and would like to have your own art work shown on this website then you must follow these instructions. Do not miss out on any information because it is used to reference your work, to help organise the Gallery and to identify creators to website users.   


You need to submit your name, title of the work, sizes in height and width in cms, media used, price if for sale, your email address, your website address if you have one.  Send this information with an electronic digital photograph of your work, preferably unframed and photographed in good natural light to our Webmaster.  Unframed work usually will photograph better because there are no reflections upon the glass to distort the image.  If you can, just try out the image upon your own computer screen to see how it looks. 


Use this email link to submit your work: send image.