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We have two Facebook services. 

The first is an open page available to all who want to publicise their presence and share their interest in Guildford Art Society. You can find it by searching for "Guildford Art Society" in Facebook or clicking here. You can put your news, photos and comments on this Facebook page whether you are a Guildford Art Society member or not, either friend, contact or a business. In Facebook click on "like" and "follow" to stay in touch. When you post your work here do so well described with titles, sizes, prices and any stories.  The guidance for the website Gallery images will give you advice. In time we expect this page to have a large number and wide range of users.  Feel free to sign up and encourage others to do so.

Our second Facebook group is for Guildford Art Society Members only who have paid their fees and is a closed group. You apply for this on Facebook if you have not already done so and we will admit you if you answer the obvious three questions. If you do not answer the questions then you will not be admitted.  This group communicates with members only but you can still post your work here preferably well described with details and any stories. If you are a GAS member then you can join both services and should do so now.  To go to this Members' service click on this Facebook link.

Chairman's January 2020 Letter for Members

Sinclair Webster has written his first letter of the year to members.  You can download it by clicking here.

It has been an interesting year with successful exhibitions and pop up shows with many members helping to make events professionally organised and feeding back to the Committee. The programme for 2020 has already been organised and is published on this website.


In 2020 if our turnover stays at the improved 2019 level then we need to become a registered charity of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation type rather than simply a charity recorded with the HMRC.  The process to do this is underway and the relevant documents have been submitted to the Charities Commission in January.  


We are moving increasingly to electronic methods of communication because they are faster to use and administer and allow people to use computers, portable devices and iPads and smart mobile phones to share information rapidly through the internet and social media.  They also allow us to show images of your art work in good detail and the Gallery pages on this website do so today. 

Sinclair offers his many thanks for your continuing support and best wishes for 2020.

2019 Selection Day for New Exhibiting Members

Our Selection Day was on Saturday 27 July 2019 in St Catherine's Village Hall and was well attended.  

Congratulations to the following members who are now acclaimed Exhibiting Members of the Society.

David Hardcastle, Janina Klein, Val Thorpe, Stephen Pitchforth, Michael Gallone, Sandra Tingle, Sarah Thien and Therese Ferrero. 

We look forward to seeing their work at our Autumn Exhibition at West Horsley Place.

We hope that those who were not successful this time will not be discouraged and will try again next year.


To download your own copy click on Newsletter

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Content for Newsletters

If you have an article or news that you think might fit in the next newsletter then please enquire with or send it to Marylin McNie our newsletter editor for consideration and discussion.  

You can contact her if you click on this email link

Refresh Art Award 2020

Co-curators of the Refresh Art Award, Shefali Wardell and Georgina Talfana are delighted to announce that they will be opening for entries on 20th February 2020. £3000 main cash prize and several smaller prizes. For more information please visit Refresh Art Award.


At Trinity Church on Guildford High Street we had a busy day dealing with many visitors.  Many were in town because it was Guildford Heritage Day and were pleased to see us opposite Abbott House representing the creative side of the Guildford area.  

Sales went well and all visitors were interested and inquisitive.  Many thanks to  everyone for help and time and support. and to the Church volunteers who provided drinks and cakes to all.  Our Exhibition Secretary reports "It was great fun although my feet at the end of the day didn’t agree". 

Christmas 2018 Pop-Up Report     

Saturday 8th December - Trinity Church on Guildford High Street,  10.00 am – 4.00 pm

26 artists brought work to the Church but everyone seems to have brought more items than usual to show and sell.  There were more visitors than the previous pop-up here probably due to Christmas shoppers and the entertaining Rock Choir and that the Church appears to be a bit of a Community hub on Saturdays.  The ladies from the Church were brilliant, serving tea and coffee all day and even bought some paintings.  Julie Matthews thanks those who helped out and the many visitors.


New Venue

The 2019 Spring Exhibition was showcased this year at a brand new venue - The Pavilion at Guildford Cricket Club in Woodbridge Road - a big step away from the familiarity and support of Guildford House where we had exhibited for many years.


The main  objections were that it was too far out of Guildford, away from the High Street and that no one would come.  The Committee felt that the advantages of plenty of free parking, a busy road with many passers-by and excellent disabled facilities with a superb exhibiting space would more than offset the objections.    

The Committee undertook an ambitious project of advertising.  This included an  active social media campaign, posters and banners, flyers, Eventbrite and a small amount of paid advertising.  This was supported by a Mother’s Day event where a glass of bubbly and chocolates were to be offered to all visitors.  

The Spring Exhibition

The new display boards were erected professionally and competently by Bob Milton and a team of helpers and with tables and fresh crisp linen supplied by The Pavilion the Exhibition infrastructure gradually took place.   

Receiving was a little hectic.  A completely different procedure was needed from that at Guildford House and queues did form for a while.  From this experience we will find a way to stagger the receiving process next time.  However, thanks to the creative efforts of the stewards it all fell into place very quickly and the results looked just great.   

The opening day was a great success. The Hon MP for Guildford Anne Milton arrived in good time and was introduced by our new Chair Sinclair Webster.  It was gratifying that Anne stayed far longer than she needed and took a great interest in the artworks.  We also sold 18 pieces of artwork on this first day, facilitated  by the introduction of a card payment system.

Visitor numbers for the week totalled approx 500 for the 10 days. This equals the number of visitors counted by us in Autumn 2018 for a longer duration at Guildford House.  The excellent free parking and disabled facilities opened the Exhibition to those less mobile who have not been able to visit and enjoy our work in the past .  


 In total we achieved sales of 35 pieces of artwork over the 10 days  by 22 artists.  This is almost double the sales total for 2018 spring exhibition in a shorter exhibiting time span. 

The Mother’s day event was a great success - there was an enthusiastic take-up of the fizz and the highest daily total of visitors of the exhibition at just under 100.  Visitors were still coming in whilst we were packing up at 6.00pm.   

The feedback from our visitors was fantastic.  There was only praise and positive comments.  I was very proud to a be associated with such a talented society.  The committee and all the many helpers did a truly awesome job.  I cannot name you all but you know who you are. Your input, creativity and ingenuity made this exhibition such a great success and a platform to build on for future exhibitions.  Thank you all so much - What A Team!     

Yes we're back at The Pavilion in Spring 2020 .   

Ingrid Skoglund 

Exhibitions coordinator


Available at

The Spring Exhibition Prize Winners

The visiting public voted to choose the prize winners which are shown below.

First Prize: Feel the Breeze Cornwall by Bara Aylwin

Second Prize: Birds Over The Allotment by Tony Todd

Third Prize: Garden Plants by Margaret Arnold 


The GAS 2018 Autumn Exhibition took place at the Guildford House Gallery from Saturday 13th October to Saturday 3rd November.

72 artists submitted works which included 125 paintings, 4 miniatures, 6 craft, 3 sculptures and 62 browser items.  There was no pre-selection of work.  Instead each exhibiting member was invited to submit up to 2 wall paintings or sculptures or 6 craft pieces plus up to 4 browser items.


Visitors commented on how much they enjoyed the variety of work on display, and members appreciated knowing they would definitely be exhibiting.  22 artists sold a total of 14 paintings, 4 craft items and 16 browser pieces for a total value of £5,624.  Feedback on the whole exhibition was extremely positive from members and visitors alike. Footfall was good, particularly during half-term, and hundreds of visitors entered the raffle for Pat Clarke’s painting of Guildford High Street. 


Julie Matthews who organised the exhibition wants to thank those who kindly helped organise the exhibition on the ground, particularly Julie Verity, Dana Daniels and David Jobson and to Allison Graham for curating and Marylin McNie for being head of banners/sponsors and holding the “Art in your Lunchtime” talk. Thanks also go to those many members who turned up at the Gallery to perform as stewards and to talk with the visitors.

We also want to thank our sponsor, Mr Darren Stiff of Guildford Financial Wealth Management, whose encouragement and support was invaluable.

Analysis of Public View of Best in Show forms.

The raffle for those who submitted forms was a great success.  The painting was won by Mr David Farrar who was delighted with his prize! Thank you to Pat Clarke for offering her picture of Guildford High Street.


There were 467 forms in the box. All 72 artists received at least one vote or more! The winners were:

First : “ To the Gateway, Shere” by Marylin McNie

Second: “Earth Song” by Libby Newland 

Third: “Sunlight on the Grand Canal” by David Drury.

Artists who achieved ten or more votes were: Fiona Champion for Heir Apparent, Michael Woods for West Wittering, Christine Thompson for Frosty Morning, Ingrid Skoglund for Tease the Bees, John Bryce for Autumn Gale, Juliet Renny for Guildford High Street, Celia Lewis for Jaipur Street and Roger Dellar for The Dressing Room.  

Formal Awards.

President’s Award             Jinny Stoel  for Abandoned Warehouse

The Alliotts Award             Celia Lewis for Jaipur Street

The AJS Award                  Desiree Hart for The Rains Finally Came

The Aquarius Award          Peter Howitt for Walk in the Woods

The George Weil Award    John Bunce for his four miniatures

The Mary Wilkie Award     Marylin McNie for To the Gateway, Shere

The Claude Kauffman Award       Carol Orwin for her two dogs.







President’s Award – Hannah Bruce, Exhibit Number 68

AJS Open Award – Andy Ritchie, Exhibit Number 28

Alliotts Award for Best Contemporary Work – Ingrid Skoglund, Exhibit Number 69

Aquarius Open Award – Jenelle Latcham, Exhibit Number 104

The County Club Claude Kauffmann Open Award – Fiona Champion, Exhibit Number 139

George Weil Award – Ron McGill, Exhibit Number 81

Mary Wilkie Open Award – Clare Abrahamsen, Exhibit Number 13

The Society wishes to thank the individuals and organisations who have donated these awards.  Their generosity is much appreciated. 


Our PATRONS are as follows: 

Alliotts, Chartered Accountants; Mr Peter Black, Dene Lodge Dental Surgery; Hill Clements Estate Agents; Lady Gay Shepperd; Bevan Wilson Physiotherapy:

The County Club; Everycare Ltd; The Mandolay Hotel

Congratulations to all our artists for a very varied and interesting exhibition. We have received many compliments from the public and from the Selectors who thought our work of a very high standard.  The Public Vote has been counted and the following paintings were chosen as their favourite works:

1st.    No 64.     Watching by Anne Zoutsos

2nd.   No 33      Roof Tops by Christine Taherian

2nd.   No 138    Three Musketeers  by Rebecca Ratnasamy

3rd.    No 38      Newlands Corner, Winter by Dana Daniels

3rd.    No 58      Monte Falco by Ailsa Dooley

We had over a hundred guests at the Private View and approximately 1,500 visitors during the exhibition.  Sales overall were in line with previous years although the financial climate, the dragging Tunsgate development and restrictions on car parks were not helpful.  

Many compliments were passed about the sculptures by Christine Charlesworth and our thanks go Christine for her excellent talk in the Brew House and allowing us to have the works in the gallery. Setting them up safely on their stands was an education for the rest of us. Thank you Christine.

Also, thank you to the 48 members who gave up time to act as stewards during the exhibition and to Bob Milton for catering at the Private View.


The Spring Exhibition entries exhibited at the Guildford House Gallery from 29 April until 14 May 2017 are summarised in the following list: Artists 79, Entries 220 including Paintings 145, Browsers 61, Sculptures 2, and Craft 12.   

The President's prize winners were selected as follows:


President’s Choice - Pine Room, item 110.

    Kaihe Guo for “Peace Comes Dropping Slow”.

Mixed Media Prize - Landing, item 35.

    Sheila Corby for “Fields and Hedgerows, Dittisham, Devon”. 


Best Watercolour - Garden Room, item 18.

    Mary Pearson for “In Venice”.


Best Oil/Acrylic - Pine Room, item 109.

    Kai Choi for “Back to Base Warranty”.

The visitors to the Exhibition also voted for their views of the best works in the show and a wide number of complimentary comments and selections were made.  The overall results of the public vote were as a follows:

1) Ann Heat for "Autumn Sun", painting number 47

2) Russell Hendrie for "Walking the Dog", painting number 38

3) Hannah Bruce for "Godalming en Plein Air", painting number 82.

Very many other works received votes making the counting them all a big job. In general the members were congratulated upon the good standard of works and the large number of them.

Our exhibitions are kindly sponsored by Guildford Financial. You can see them at


Although this is now out of date we have kept the entered pictures on this website so you can continue to view them.   We may be entering again and of course the Patchings physical site is always worth a visit should you be travelling north.

A series of five paintings, one from each of five selected artists, was entered into the national painting compettion for Art Club of the Year in June 2016.  Guildford was awarded third prize out of 80 entrants and so we are very pleased indeed.  It is the first time we have entered and it took some handling to get the paintings up to Calverton, near Nottingham and then back again afterwards.  You can look at the paintings entered on the second of our Gallery websites.  Fiona Champion,  Judy Coleman, Jean Ellis, Nathan Fowles and Juliet Renny were chosen.  

Just click here to see them on our website.   Patchings is located at Oxton Road, Calverton, Notts, NG14 6NU.  Click here to visit their website:


Local exhibitions


If you know of any local exhibitions,  showings and events that you feel other members may be interested in please contact our webmaster.  We are happy to promote events and exhibitions in which our members may be interested and will put links and flyers on this website to help you along.