This page shows events organised by Guildford Art Society members either on their own, with other members or artistic associates. The flyers or posters are put together by their organisers and generally not edited by our webmaster who publishes them and removes them when out of date.  The purpose of this page is to give such events publicity through the Guildford Art Society website and help members promote themselves.    

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Clare Kuznik

Clare is a Christian fine artist. Her exhibition in the Cathedral space “Suture – The Invisible Thread” includes work inspired from God’s word spanning Genesis to Revelations. The energetic, freehand drawn images can be enjoyed by children and adults. The displayed works are diverse in form, colourful and engaging on many levels. Clare hopes you will enjoy seeing them and they will be meaningful to you.

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Look at Melanie Cambridge's website to get more information about her demonstrations, classes and events and to make bookings:

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Art classes available on line via the Zoom Platform.  Classes are available for all ages and capabilities from 6 years onwards.

A wide variety of media and techniques are covered such as watercolours, oils, acrylics, mixed media, pastels and all other drawing materials.


The aim in the classes is to develop the individual creative potential of each student by expanding their range of skills and techniques.  I also teach from home and in the Town Hall in Albury, and these lessons will probably resume again from March or April 2021, subject to HMG guidelines. 


I have been able to help students with successful applications to Farnham University of Arts, Hampton School at Hanworth and Westminster.


For more information, references, prices and availability, please contact me by phone, email or via the contact page on my website

Tel - 01483535865 (H) or 07958727469 (M)

IG - coramartinart

FB - coramartinart

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