Note: The Committee has decided to discontinue postal membership for new members from 01 October 2019.  In this postal category the extra administrative work and the assembly and posting of paperwork and newsletters is beginning to look unwieldy as our activity expands.  

Also the number of postal members is declining as members move to email. In fact now out of 50 Postal members 38 have submitted an email address.  Only 12 do not have an email. 

The rapid development of social media is influencing our views of our membership categories and our administration. Our members are all going on line and almost everybody has a mobile telephone which also facilitates email.

Become A Member of the Guildford Art Society

If you are interested in painting, sculpture, crafts or just wish to support the arts, why not join Guildford Art Society?


Founded in 1926 the aim of the Society is the practice of arts in the company of others with the same interests. All ages and abilities welcomed.


Everyone joins as an ordinary member, which includes the opportunity to exhibit your work in our Spring exhibition. To exhibit in the Autumn exhibition you normally have to be an exhibiting member.  You become an exhibiting member by presenting work to a panel of judges on Selection Day usually in late summer.

To download the Guidelines click here: Guidelines. 

You can pay for membership by cheque, standing order or by bank transfer (details in documents below).  We are a charity and therefore you can also sign up your subscription as Gift Aid if you are paying income tax.  To get the Gift Aid form for existing members please click here.


New Members please refer to and complete the Membership Application form available by clicking on the download link below*. 

Annual Subscription Rates

Our membership year runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Annual subscriptions are due on 1 January 2021.  If you join during the subscription year your fee for that year will be the remaining months in total after your month of joining, calculated at £2 per month. You join as a regular member but the annual fee remains the same if you become an exhibiting member in the future. 

Email Member:   £25 per annum - newsletters, other news and information by email as well as reliance upon our website and social media communications

Postal Member:  £30 per annum - newsletters and important documents by post.  No new members will be admitted to this category from 01 October 2019.  See the Note on the left of this page.  Existing postal members can renew but we want all members to change to email members as soon as possible.

Life Member:  Existing Life members will receive newsletters and important documents by email but no new members will be admitted to this old category after 01 October 2019.

Click here on the links below  to get Application and Renewal forms by downloading them from this website.  Fill in the appropriate form and send it to the Membership Secretary with your cheque or pay on line using a BACS transfer. You can email your form to the Membership Secretary, particularly if you have paid on line. 


*Click here to join: Download Membership Application

Membership Renewal - 1 January 2022, Subscription Fees Due.

Check your SO dates and set up, or pay via BACS to sort code 30-93-74 and account number 03885619. £25 for email members and £30 for postal members. Put "GAS Subs" in as your reference.  You should inform our Membership Secretary by email on that you have made an electronic payment.  We will look for it in our observations of our bank account.  Cheques are acceptable. 

Our Constitution says you must pay your annual fee by 28 February or you will be moved out of our Members’ Database.

You should only post or email the Renewal Form if your personal details have changed so we can be sure to keep your details in our Members' Database up to date.  Otherwise an email informing us of payment will do.

You should tick the Gift Aid box on the form if you return one, assuming you pay enough income tax, as you fill in the form.  

Click here if you need one to Download Membership Renewal Form


Contact the Membership Secretary for any other membership enquires.