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Jane Allison


John Jeffrey - Contact

Vice Chairman


Honorary Secretary

Jean Ellis - Contact

Membership Secretary 

Dr David G Jobson - Contact



Dr David G Jobson - Contact

Exhibitions Coordinator

Monica Curley - Contact

Honorary Treasurer

Caroline WarrenContact

Programme Secretary

Dr Therese Ferrero - Contact

Social Media​ Administrator 

Annmarie Shenton - Contact

Pop-Up Organizer & Thursday Group Leader

Dr Therese FerreroContact

Publicity Secretary

Laura Ribatallada - Contact

Members without Portfolio:  Antony Shelton - Contact.   Christopher Webb - Contact.


This important meeting for all members was held on Saturday 11 May 2024 at St Catherine’s Village Hall.  Reports about the past year and plans for the rest of 2024 were given. The number of members attending did not reach a quorum. Elections for new members to join the Committee were held by digital and postal means. The Membership Secretary closed the voting process on 3 June, having received 55 voting forms through digital and postal processes.   


Each voting return was “For” the four resolutions, and there were no “Against” votes.  Therefore, as this is well in excess of a quorum, we have had a digital vote that passes all four resolutions, through Sinclair Webster as the proxy. 


Consequently Sinclair is pleased to advise that:

Resolution 1 accepts the AGM 2024 minutes, and the further resolutions confirm the Committee officers;

Resolution 2 confirms John Jeffrey as the new Chairperson; 

Resolution 3 confirms the re-election of Jean Ellis and Caroline Warren; 

Resolution 4 confirms the election of Monica Curley, Anthony Shelton and Chris Webb.


Sinclair wishes the new team every success and looks forward to exhibiting with the Society in August.


Our constitution has also been modified to keep it current, and you can view it at Guildford Art Society Constitution. Also, roles and descriptions of committee roles have been updated - see role descriptions document.  


If you would like to support a particular activity area, then you can volunteer or join the subcommittees.

You will be welcome.

Roles of Committee Members

The duties of Committee Members have been formally set out in a document, which may be changed from time to time, can be accessed by clicking on this link - Role Descriptions.   If the roles and activities appeal to you, then you may wish to acquaint yourself with them and should approach relevant committee members to learn more. Committee members change over time for normal reasons.  It is useful to have members who can cover roles, join groups, join organizing and administrative teams or take over when committee succession arises.  

Introducing New Committee Members in their own words

Dr Therese Ferrero, Pop-Up Organiser & Thursday Group Leader:  


“My mother was a beautiful artist and as children art was a constant part of our life.  Paper and pens were everywhere, and we drew for hours, my brother and me.   As an adult, I became a scientist but never stopped my Art classes (printmaking, painting, jewellery, ceramics, textiles).   I mainly do printmaking and textiles now but have recently restarted painting.   I am semi-retired and have, at last, more time for this immense interest in my life.   I am eager to get involved with GAS and develop this further with fellow artists. With Laura Ribatallada, we hope to organize social events where we can all get to know each other.  Additionally, through demonstrations/workshops, less often perhaps than before, but of interest to all.”


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