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Monica Curley will be organizing the Summer Exhibition at Shalford .............


Our Summer Exhibition is at Shalford Village Hall from Sat 17th to Mon 26th August.  

The Entry Form and Rules are available for members if you click on the links below. 

Start painting now!


ENTRY FORM - MS Word format




MS Word is the most common format. PDFs can be hard to edit unless you have Adobe business software. 

In either case you can print the entry form, fill it in, photograph it and send that digital image to Monica Curley whose email address is on the form.

Preferably, email Monica a filled in digital entry form, which you have completed.  

Report on 2024 February Exhibition at Guildford Pavilion


A huge thank you to all the fifty-three artists who contributed work for our February Winter Warmer Exhibition at the Guildford Pavilion and to the volunteer stewards.


The light, spacious venue and the thoughtful, skilled curation meant that the paintings were displayed to their best advantage. The public and members enjoyed the show.


The standard of work was truly excellent and showcased the extraordinary reservoir of talent in our society.  The wide range of style and media meant that there was something to please every taste.


Our Favourite Artwork vote was topped by pieces by Fiona Champion, with work by Colin Woods and Tracey Allen following closely behind.  However, every single artist got at least one vote: proof, if needed, that everyone's work was fully appreciated.


A lot of our visitors expressed interest in future exhibitions and provided email addresses so that we can send out details of future events.  We will be looking to extend this list over coming months and widen our marketing base.


During the period of the exhibition, nine people applied to join the Guildford Art Society and are now email exhibiting members.  We hope they enjoy their membership.  


Finally, it was an absolute pleasure to see the friendliness and camaraderie amongst members of the society.  What a privilege it was to see and meet you all and be able to exhibit your beautiful work.


Monica Curley and the GAS Committee.

Summer Exhibition 2023 Report

Our second year exhibiting at Shalford proved to be a consistently good choice of venue.   Visitor numbers were slightly down on last year but still in the upper hundreds.  40 pieces of artwork sold for £6500 with some after sales likely – not too bad considering the uncertainty in the economy.  Feedback regarding the standard of the exhibition was rewarding, with many visitors congratulating the Society on the talent and high standard of the exhibition.   One visitor wrote to me with these heart-warming words:   

“Thank you for telling me about your art exhibition. 

The hour I spent looking at all the amazing work felt very therapeutic for me.  I left feeling calmer, with my heart lifted, and in awe of you and your fellow artists’ talents. I hope many people visited!”

What a lovely thing to say!

Thanks as ever go to the fantastic team of helpers, too numerous to mention individually - without whom the exhibition would not work.   However -  a special mention to the stewarding, which was exceptional.  So many stewards were happy to chat to visitors in a relaxed and friendly way but also took time to socialize and get to know each other.  You all helped to make a great exhibition with an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.   

So thank you all the exhibition supporters and helpers for my very enjoyable 6 years as Exhibitions Coordinator – a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.

I now step down and wish all the very best to whoever takes over.

Kind Regards 

Ingrid Skoglund, 2023 Exhibitions Coordinator.

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