Image of the Month - by artist Cecilia Barandiaran-Sprot

In Memory of a talented artist a wonderful friend and valued committee member.

17 January 2016.png


This was at Holy Trinity on Guildford High Street on Saturday 4 June 2022 and went well - photos before we opened!




2022-05-17 Copy of Art festival flyer template - Made with PosterMyWall-4.jpg


The Challenge for June is "MY KIND OF HEAVEN" for inspiration in any medium or visual art form.     Please email your image (.jpeg or .jpg file) to - by June 20 and give your full name in your email.

After the 20th of June Ingrid will put all the entries on Instagram for you to cast your votes (likes). Then you can fill your time in with the July Challenge - Wildlife.   Entries won't open until the first of July.

As always -
- Just one entry per person
- A .jpeg/.jpg file, not a website link

- Ask your friends to put a like against ALL the entries they like, not only your masterpiece
- Be aware of Copyright - for info click on the Gallery above and you'll find guidance and useful links.


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2022 Annual General Meeting – Voting Results


Here are the results of the postal and email ballot from those members who have replied by 28 May 2022, the closure date.   


The items on the voting slip related to the following:  

Item 1: Accepting minutes of 2021 AGM sent out by Jean Ellis on 23/04/2022 

Item 2: Accepting 2021 financial statements from Treasurer, Caroline Warren.  

Item 3: Confirm the appointment of Melanie Cambridge as next Chairman


As returning officer here are the results:

Item 1: Accepting minutes of 2021 AGM sent out by Jean Ellis on 23/04/2022   - 82 positive votes

Item 2: Accepting 2021 financial statements from Treasurer, Caroline Warren  - 82 positive votes

Item 3: Confirm the appointment of Melanie Cambridge as next Chairman.       - 80 positive votes; 2 negative votes     

We have a vote that well exceeds the quorum requirement and therefore directs Sinclair Webster, current Chairman and the Committee to act upon the results.  This puts Melanie Cambridge in the chair.


The voting slips paperwork are archived in a hard file including printed email slips (39) and through the letter box slips, 41 posted and 2 hand delivered, which will all be kept for reference.


Dr David G Jobson, Membership Secretary and Webmaster.


Guildford Art Society began in 1923 and has a current membership of 223 artists practising and non-practising, amateur and professional. The Society has a very interesting history. If you would like to know more then click here for an article on this. We are an open and social as well as creative organisation. You can also look at our recent history page under the News page.

We were established to encourage the visual arts, painting, sculpture and crafts. To that end the Committee arranges physical and on-line demonstrations, outdoor painting days, workshops and exhibitions. Members also get together informally and organise their own events, social and craft related in their own groups.

The purpose of this open website is to present to the general public and our members, our news, the monthly GAS Pipeline newsletter, information about events, to show members' artworks in our galleries and give guidance on making contact with us. Here is a link to our Constitution if you are interested in the formal background.

Sinclair Webster's Painting: Walkers

Sinclair Webster_Walkers.jpg


The process is simple. Go to the Membership Page and download an application form. That gives us information about you which lets us communicate with you.  You can then take part in any activities, join any groups as you wish and make your own suggestions as to what we should be doing.

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