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Image of the Month

by artist Sinclair Webster, Alfie



This important meeting for all members was held on Saturday 11 May 2024 at St Catherine’s Village Hall.  Reports about the past year and plans for the rest of 2024 were given. The number of members attending did not reach a quorum. Therefore, elections for new members to join the Committee will happen by digital and postal means to fill vacancies.  Our constitution has also been modified to keep it current and you can view it at Guildford Art Society Constitution.  Also, roles and descriptions of committee roles have been updated - see role descriptions document.  


If you would like to support a particular activity area, then you can volunteer or join the subcommittees. You will be welcome.


Lady Gay Shepperd has passed away.  She was a long-term member of the Guildford Art Society and supported all our exhibitions, particularly at the Guildford Art Gallery on the High Street, over several decades.  She was also a patron of the Guildford Institute.  Her encouraging enthusiasm is well remembered.  We wish her family well and we will take fond memories of her with us into the future.

POP-UP EXHIBITION AT HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, HIGH STREET, GUILDFORD, Saturday 1 JUNE, 2024.   Instructions have been sent to members.  



Our Summer Exhibition will be at Shalford Village Hall from Friday 16th to Monday 26th August.  Exhibitors' deliveries will be on Friday with collections on the last Monday.  More details will appear later.  Start painting now!


Our whole PROGRAMME FOR 2024 is visible on the Programme page.

OCHRE STUDIOS: This  business is very useful to local artists, but the GBC plan to put a car park where it stands in Slyfield. Local groups are objecting.  Look at this link.


Guildford Art Society began in 1923 and has a current membership of 204 artists, amateur and professional. The Society has a very interesting history. We have been exhibiting since 1925.  If you would like to know more, then click here for an article on this. We are an open and social as well as creative organization. You can also look at our recent history page under the News page.

We were established to encourage the visual arts, painting, sculpture, and crafts. To that end, the Committee arranges physical and online demonstrations, outdoor painting days, workshops, and exhibitions. Members also get together informally and organize their own events, social and craft related in their own groups.

The purpose of this open website is to present to the public and our members, our news and information about events, to show members' artworks in our online galleries, and to give guidance on making contact with us. 


The process is simple. Go to the Membership Page to download an application form and then send it in by email or post. That gives us information about you, which lets us communicate with you.  You can then take part in any activities, join any groups as you wish, and make your own suggestions as to what we should be doing or what you think you could be starting and organizing.

You can also look at our Members' Facebook Group page by clicking here 

Privacy Policy

Regulations have come into effect across Europe to protect your personal data – commonly called GDPR (Government Data Protection Regulation).  They follow the existing Government Data Protection laws in the UK and establish more extensive regulations for processing personal data. 


The GAS committee have devised a Privacy Policy to align with these requirements. This is available for you to read when you click here.  Please be assured that the Committee stores your identity data carefully and will not share it with third parties without your consent. 


If you have any enquiries, please contact me at

Create your own website

If you are an artist and want to create your own website have a look at these examples with a click here :-) 

OR go to the same technical creation source for our web pages, sign up as a user yourself and set up your own website at

If you want to know about other arts events in Guildford beyond Guildford Art Society, then click on this Guildford ARTS link to learn more.

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