Guildford Art Society began in 1923 and has a current membership of 235 artists practising and non-practising, amateur and professional. The Society offers a full programme of demonstrations, talks, workshops and two exhibitions annually and is an open and social as well as creative organisation.

We were established to encourage the visual arts, painting, sculpture and crafts. To that end the Committee arranges physical and on-line demonstrations, outdoor painting days, workshops and exhibitions. Members also get together informally and organise their own events, social and craft related. 

The purpose of this open website is to present to the general public and our members, our news, information about events, to show members' artworks in our gallery and give guidance on making contact with us.


You can also look at our Members' Facebook page by clicking here 


Held via Zoom at 10am on the 17th of April check for an email from Jean.



We are planning to have our 2021 Autumn Exhibition in the restored barn at West Horsley Place from 6th to the 14th of November 2021.


GAS PIPELINE - this is our new monthly communication to our members.  The latest version has been emailed to all members and is also available to view on this website.  Go to the Blog page under News page to read it.


The process is simple. Go to the Membership Page and download an application form. That gives us information about you which lets us communicate with you.  You can then take part in any activities, join any groups as you wish and make your own suggestions as to what we should be doing

Merrow C of E Infant School’s Easter Egg Colouring Competition - April 2021

This competition was judged by Guildford Art Society.  Photos are show below of the winning entries from Merrow C of E Infant School’s Easter Egg Colouring Competition. 

Year R Winners - Jenson & Ava:  Year 1 Winners - Mason & Nika:  Year 2 Winners - Lola & Euan

A big thank you to all the pupils who took part! 

Membership Renewal 

Annual fees were due on 1 January 2021.  Check your SO dates and set up, or pay via BACS to sort code 30-93-74 and account number 03885619.  £25 for email members and £30 for postal members.  Put "GAS Subs" in as your reference.  Email our Membership Secretary d_jobson@me.com about your electronic payment.  We will look for it in our bank account. He will acknowledge. Cheques are acceptable. 

You should only return the Renewal Form if your personal details have changed, so we can then keep your details correct in our Members' Database.  Otherwise just email d_jobson@me.com to confirm payment. 

Click here if you need one to Download Membership Renewal Form.  Tick the Gift Aid box on the form if you return one, assuming you pay income tax.


Due to the exceptional circumstances generated by Covid 19 and the impact it is having, we have decided to defer Selection Day until July 2021 when it is hoped that the situation will have improved.  Usually the Spring Exhibition is for all members and the Autumn Exhibition is for exhibiting members. However that may change and all members may be able to enter the next physical exhibition.

You will have the opportunity to submit your work to be considered for exhibiting status prior to the 2021 Autumn Exhibition. We will decide upon the nature of that exhibition nearer the time which we now expect to be in the newly restored barn at West Horsley Place. 

Chairman Sinclair Webster's Painting

Image of the Month - by Liz Seward with Grand Peonies Mixed Media Collage

It is only when we are no longer fearful that we begin to create. -  J. M. W. Turner


Friday Group News from Annmarie

We hope to resume our normal Friday meeting at Shalford in September 2021.   

Thursday Group News from Cathy Brook

The Covid-19 scenario means the Thursday Art Group at St Catherine's Hall will not meet until the autumn 2020 term. It is hoped that the group might resume sometime in 2021. 

Many of our next Society demonstrations will be on line digital presentations.

Please click on and look at the rearranged Programme for the rest of 2021. Members can take part in the digital and on-line demonstrations. There are no limits about the numbers who can sign in. 



Here’s a message from our Programme Secretary - Sally Perrella.

Please let Sally have your thoughts by emailing her direct on pm_gas@icloud.com

Dear Members,

During this crazy time I hope you are all safe & well.  As we are in lockdown I have had to suspend our planned calendar of demos & workshops.  While we wait for life to return to some form or normality I wanted to see if you would like to attend some virtual demos instead.  Several of these have now been arranged and some we may share with other art societies. 

How Virtual Demos Work

We schedule a virtual demo at a specific date & time (Saturday afternoons)

We email you a link to a website & a passcode so you can access the virtual demo at the time of the session.  Most artists are using Zoom which can be used on PC, Mac, iPad , iPhones & other smart phones and others use Youtube or Facebook. 

Once you are on the virtual demo the artists can be seen and heard and you have the ability to ask them questions, as you would in a normal demo.  Sometimes the artist may accept questions only through a Chat textbook with an assistant passing over the questions. 

Look at the Programme page on this website to see what has been arranged.  


Please can you let me know which sessions you’d prefer to attend & any other feedback and preferred subjects you have about this?

Kind Regards

Sally Perrella


Programme Manager - Guildford Art Society


Click on the Gallery heading above and you will now see that we have more galleries in place.  There is a Latest  Works tab that will be populated with three artworks per person for artist to promote current artwork. 


Members can submit images for the members' main gallery through the Webmaster.  If you wish to submit images then look at the Webmaster's contact page to see how to do it or read the notes above again. 

Show your paintings at the offices of RSM Guildford

If an interested member then look at this letter from RSMs about this. Click here for instructions.

GDPR and Privacy Policy  

New regulations have come into effect across Europe to protect your personal data – commonly called GDPR.  They follow the existing GDP laws in the UK and establish more extensive regulations for processing personal data. Brexit may change this.


The GAS committee have devised a Privacy Policy to align with the new requirements. This is available for you to read when you click here.  Please be assured that the Committee stores your identity data carefully and will not share it with third parties without your consent. 


If you have any enquiries please contact me at d_jobson@me.com.

Create your own website

If you are an artist and want to create your own website have a look at these examples with a click here :-) 

OR go to the same technical creation source for our web pages, sign up as a user yourself and set up your own website at wix.com.

If you want to know about other arts events in Guildford then click on this artsegg.uk link to learn more.