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Image of the Month

by artist Brenda Mckinnon



ENTRY FORM - MS Word format




MS Word is the most common format. PDFs can be hard to edit unless you have business software. 

In either case you can print the entry form, fill it in, photograph it and send that digital image to Monica Curley whose email address is on the form. Preferably, email Monica a filled in digital entry form which you have completed. 


Our Summer Exhibition will be at Shalford Village Hall from Sat 17th to Mon 26th August.  

The Entry Form and Rules are available for members if you click on the links below left. 

Start painting now!

17-26 Aug 2024 Shalford Flyer - V1.jpg

Joe Dowden's watercolour demonstration on Saturday 13 July 2024.

We were thrilled to have a wonderful turnout to Joe Dowden's watercolour demonstration on Saturday - almost 50 attendees including Guildford and Woking Art Society members as well as a few guests.  

Joe used a wide variety of watercolour techniques and shared his comprehensive knowledge of watercolour-related products,  He did this whilst keeping up a running commentary and responding to every question he was asked in depth!  From the initial drawing and masking through to the final stages of painting water and reflections, we were able to follow the creation of a beautiful work of art, gleaning helpful tips along the way.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and we had a few suggestions for artists to contact for future demonstrations.  If there is an artist that you would like to suggest, then do please make contact, and we will see what can be done!

The demo was definitely an educative art experience, but what's more, it was just lovely to catch up with old friends and meet new ones who share our passion for creating art.

Thank you to all who came.  Monica and Therese


This important meeting for all members was held on Saturday 11 May 2024 at St Catherine’s Village Hall.  Reports about the past year and plans for the rest of 2024 were given. The number of members attending did not reach a quorum. Elections for new members to join the Committee were held by digital and postal means. The Membership Secretary closed the voting process on 3 June, having received 55 voting forms through digital and postal processes.   


Each voting return was “For” the four resolutions, and there were no “Against” votes.  Therefore, as this is well in excess of a quorum, we have had a digital vote that passes all four resolutions, through Sinclair Webster as the proxy. 


Consequently Sinclair is pleased to advise that:

Resolution 1 accepts the AGM 2024 minutes, and the further resolutions confirm the Committee officers;

Resolution 2 confirms John Jeffrey as the new Chairperson; 

Resolution 3 confirms the re-election of Jean Ellis and Caroline Warren; 

Resolution 4 confirms the election of Monica Curley, Anthony Shelton and Chris Webb.


Sinclair wishes the new team every success and looks forward to exhibiting with the Society in August.


Our constitution has also been modified to keep it current, and you can view it at Guildford Art Society Constitution. Also, roles and descriptions of committee roles have been updated - see role descriptions document.  


If you would like to support a particular activity area, then you can volunteer or join the subcommittees.

You will be welcome.

Our whole PROGRAMME FOR 2024 is on the Programme page.

OCHRE STUDIOS: This  business is very useful to local artists, but the GBC plan to put a car park where it stands in Slyfield. Local groups are objecting.  Look at this link.


Guildford Art Society began in 1923 and has a current membership of 206 artists, amateur and professional. The Society has a very interesting history. We have been exhibiting since 1925.  If you would like to know more, then click here for an article on this. We are an open and social as well as creative organization. You can also look at our recent history page under the News page.

We were established to encourage the visual arts, painting, sculpture, and crafts. To that end, the Committee arranges physical and online demonstrations, outdoor painting days, workshops, and exhibitions. Members also get together informally and organize their own events, social and craft related in their own groups.

The purpose of this open website is to present to the public and our members, our news and information about events, to show members' artworks in our online galleries, and to give guidance on making contact with us. 


The process is simple. Go to the Membership Page to download an application form and then send it in by email or post. That gives us information about you, which lets us communicate with you.  You can then take part in any activities, join any groups as you wish, and make your own suggestions as to what we should be doing or what you think you could be starting and organizing.

You can also look at our Members' Facebook Group page by clicking here 

Privacy Policy

Regulations have come into effect across Europe to protect your personal data – commonly called GDPR (Government Data Protection Regulation).  They follow the existing Government Data Protection laws in the UK and establish more extensive regulations for processing personal data. 


The GAS committee have devised a Privacy Policy to align with these requirements. This is available for you to read when you click here.  Please be assured that the Committee stores your identity data carefully and will not share it with third parties without your consent. 


If you have any enquiries, please contact me at

Create your own website

If you are an artist and want to create your own website have a look at these examples with a click here :-) 

OR go to the same technical creation source for our web pages, sign up as a user yourself and set up your own website at

If you want to know about other arts events in Guildford beyond Guildford Art Society, then click on this Guildford ARTS link to learn more.

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