AT SHORT NOTICE we have arranged to join:

Tony Parsons – demonstration in oils


Saturday, 4th July 2020, 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm


Tony’s live demo will be available on his facebook page and he will be painting a seascape. All you need to do is click on the link above just before 2.30 pm and you will be able to watch; no additional passwords are required. As this is a broadcast format, listeners have no audio options and you don’t have to worry about muting yourself. 


If you have any questions, use the message facility on screen and Tony will do his best to answer them. Please start by typing WAS at the beginning of your question.

GENERALLY many of our next demonstrations will be on-line video presentations. 

Please click on and look at the rearranged Programme for the rest of 2020 to see what is now planned for the rest of 2020.  Members can take part in the digital and on-line demonstrations and there are no limits about the numbers who can sign in. 

Members must book by emailing Sally Perrella, Programme Secretary, as soon as possible on

She will reply by telling you how to use your digital device to link to the on-line digital video presentation.

If the Covid-19 lockdown is extended then we may arrange more demonstrations in this way and we will also do that if they work well.   


For groups who met on Thursday and Fridays you should contact your group organiser to see what is happening. It may be possible to organise without meeting up but that will be down to the organisers and their groups. 


From Linda Day: 

have found this interesting programme that may possibly interest other artists  - Grayson’s Art Club Ch 4 Monday 8pm.

Each week he has a different theme and asks members of the public to send images of their work. It is based in his studio with video links to guests and artists in their studios.


It is very relaxed with his wife joining in with her own work. Each week he creates his own work on the theme and his guest for that week selects three works from the public to go into an exhibition when the COVID pandemic has passed.


There is discussion of the creative process, methods of coping with the isolation of lockdown and a lot of humour. This week’s theme is fantasy.

From Libby Newland:

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard Damien Hirst talking about two pieces of work he was doing during the lockdown, one inspired by the symbol of the Rainbow. He explained he was in isolation and going to his studio on his own. It prompted me to mention others who are doing their bit to keep us going during this surreal phase in our lives.

You will all have received the information from Sally Perrella, Programme Manager, see below, asking for our choices on forthcoming Virtual Demos, which will be a novel way for our Saturday sessions. 

Ronnie Ireland has been giving drawing lessons via the Zoom platform, which is working really well; I personally found the technical aspect of getting access to the sessions a little challenging, but Alex Haines at Farnham Pottery is a technical wizard, incredibly patient and helpful and now getting into the lessons is simple. The sessions include some demonstration and then the participants do their drawings, show them to Ronnie and he gives us useful feedback - magic!

I also saw a short advert about an upcoming BBC 4 and BBC iPlayer, interactive live life drawing programme (they did one earlier this year), at a future date.

In addition there are so many learning opportunities on the internet, some on You tube, and now we have some time on our hands this might be an ideal way to explore.


For the watercolourists of us, ‘The mind if Watercolour’ is an excellent series by Steve Mitchell, a clear communicator and his work is perfect blend of traditional subjects but with a contemporary style. Google him!

Anyway, just a few ideas to keep us all positively distracted, connected and maybe even inspired during these grim times.
Happy Painting, drawing, sculpting...whatever...



This will be at West Horsley Place in the Barn from Sat 31/10/20 to Sunday 08/11/20. Look out for further details.


Valerie Thorpe (4 paintings), Sinclair Webster (2 paintings) and Nilgün Nancy Alemdar Kozak (6 portraits) have been added to main gallery.  Click here to have look.  

SOCIAL MEDIA and COVID-19 - an appeal from our Social Media Secretary

We know not everyone uses Facebook, but it is a way for us to share information with each other during these unordinary times.  Below is an explanation of the two different accounts.  I hope it clears things up and possibly more people will join and use the MEMBERS PAGE  We also have Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Guildford Art Society MEMBERS Facebook page: if you haven’t already, please join.  This is where you will find important information regarding the society and also see what other members are doing.  We have 241 members in the society but only 135 in the group.

Guildford Art Society PUBLIC Facebook page: this is where we share information to the public about our society….not where we interact with each other.  Please comment, like and share anything you find interesting to your personal or art page.


Guildford Art Society Instagram: if you have an Instagram account could you please use #guildfordartsociety in all you art related posts.  Follow everyone the art society follows because we follow all members.  Comment or like the art society posts.  If you are not followed by us let us know. See

@GuildfordArt on Twitter: if you have a Twitter account could you please use #guildfordartsociety in all you art related tweets.  If you are not followed by us let us know.  See

Image of the Month - Artist Kim Page

'Do not let the behavior of others destroy you inner peace.' - Dalai Lama



Here’s a message from our Programme Secretary - Sally Perrella.

Please let Sally have your thoughts by emailing her direct on

Dear Members,

During this crazy time I hope you are all safe & well.

As we are in lockdown I have had to suspend our planned calendar of demos & workshops.  While we wait for life to return to some form or normality I wanted to see if you would like to attend some virtual demos instead.  Several of these have now been arranged and some we may share with other art societies. 

How Virtual Demos Work

We schedule a virtual demo at a specific date & time (Saturday afternoons)

We email you a link to a website & a passcode so you can access the virtual demo at the time of the session.  Most artists are using Zoom which can be used on PC, Mac, iPad , iPhones & other smart phones and others use Youtube or Facebook. 

Once you are on the virtual demo the artists can be seen and heard and you have the ability to ask them questions, as you would in a normal demo.  Sometimes the artist may accept questions only through a Chat textbook with an assistant passing over the questions. 

Virtual demos have been set up beginning with Dermot Cavanagh on Saturday 20 June 2020 which went very well. 

Below is a list of some of the artists that are able to run virtual demos but others are coming forward.   

1) Dermot Cavanagh - Landscapes & buildings - Watercolours

2) Judit Matthews - Illustration & mixed media

3) Max Hale - Portraits - Oils

4) Pater Keegan - Garden/Flowers Scene in Acrylics -  nice to get us all painting our own gardens

5) Paul Simmons - Seascapes - Watercolour, oils, pencils

Look at the Programme page on this website to see what has been arranged.  


Please can you let me know which sessions you’d prefer to attend & any other feedback and preferred subjects you have about this?

Kind Regards

Sally Perrella

Programme Manager - Guildford Art Society



If you would like to submit work to be chosen as image of the month or to be shown in the Gallery on this website please click here to send your request and we will get back to you.  


If you are a Member and would like to show your artwork on this website then you should follow these instructions. Do not miss any information because it is used to reference your work and to identify creators to website viewers.  The more artworks we can show on-line, then the better.  


You need to submit your name, title of the work, sizes in height and width in cms, media used, price if for sale, your email address, your website address if you have one.  Send this information with an electronic digital photograph of your work, preferably unframed and photographed in good natural light to our Web administration by email.  

Unframed work usually photographs better because there are no reflections upon the glass to distort the image.  If you can, just try out the digital image upon your own computer screen to see how it looks.  If you do not like it, then take another photograph. 

Use this email link to submit your work: send image.

When you wish to have your artwork removed from the on-line gallery then email again to ask for their withdrawal.  You own the copyright to your own work. 


    This new website page shows events organised by Guildford Art Society members either on their own, with other members or artistic associates. The flyers or posters are put together by their organisers and generally not edited by our webmaster who publishes them and removes them when out of date.  The purpose of this page is to give such events publicity through the Guildford Art Society website and help members promote themselves.    

    If you have a flyer you want published then click here send it to our webmaster preferably in jpg or png format. Make sure it is legible and readable at A5 size.  Try it on your own smart phone to check it out.  


    Click on the Gallery heading above and you will now see that we have more galleries in place.  There is an Artist of the Month gallery which will feed an archive gallery of the same.  We also have images relating to previous exhibitions, for example the Pavilion show in 2019, a Patchings entries gallery, a portraits' gallery from Jane Allison and the open gallery in which members' works have been shown for some time.  We also try to show images of works in our current exhibitions when we are able to organise external live shows.


    Valerie Thorpe (4 paintings), Sinclair Webster (2 paintings) and Nilgün Nancy Alemdar Kozak (6 portraits) have been added to main gallery.  Click here to have look.  


    Members can submit images to the Artist of the Month gallery via the Social Media Secretary and images for the members' main gallery through the Webmaster.  If you wish to submit images then look at the Webmaster's contact page to see how to do it or read the notes above again. 


    Show your paintings at the offices of RSM Guildford

    If an interested member then look at this letter from RSMs about this. Click here for instructions. 

    Prize Winners

    We would like to thank Giles Reid, Trustee of West Horsley Place @WestHorsleyPlace who opened our exhibition on Saturday 2 Nov 2019.  Giles was introduced by our Chairman, Sinclair Webster. 

    Our President June Allison officiated the awards presentation to the following artists at the opening.

    AJS Award to Maggie Butler for "Bird Form" 

    George Weil Award to Christine Taharian for "The View"

    Mary Wilkie Award to Michael Gallone for "Clacton Beach"

    The Aquarius Award to Valerie Thorpe for "Maltese Harbour" 

    The President’s Award to Anne Heat for "Chamomile and Cup" 

    The Country Club Award to Fiona Champion for "Amur Leopard"

    The RSM Contemporary Artwork Prize to Margaret Benton for "Girl Blue" 

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