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We are looking to arrange a pop-up show here on Saturday 4 June 2022 on Guildford High Street. These have gone well in the past and we will be publishing more details soon.

West Horsley Place Craft Fair: 26/28 Nov 2021- report from

 Ingrid Skoglund


We are sorry to inform you of the death of John T Freeman, the artist and husband of our President, Jane Allison, and past Chairman of the Guildford Art Society.  

His obituary is given in detail, written by Sinclair Webster, current Chairman. You can read that by clicking on the following link RIP John T Freeman. 

His funeral will take place at St Mary’s Church in Quarry Street at the bottom of Guildford High Street at 12 noon on Thursday February 10th  2022.

Annual Subscription Fees for 2022

Due 1st January 2022 (£25email/£30 post).

Bank transfer to sort code 30-93-74 and account number 03885619.

174 members have already paid their annual fee. The second reminder went out on 10 January to those who have not yet paid up.  

The Craft Fair was a success for us. The whole event was spectacular with each room in the house and the barn taken by different arts and local food organisations. The standard and creativity were very professional and eye catching. Visitors were steady throughout the three days. Using the Morning Room was a successful idea, allowing a good display area on 6 trestle tables for crafts and folios with hanging artworks around the walls on existing hooks. This also cut down considerably the work involved in setting up and taking down. Numerous browsers were displayed around the room allowing visitors to touch and examine artworks.  Hanging work was by invitation to some of our best selling artists who had to help steward as part of the arrangement.   

Sales at the Craft Fair were as follows: 41 works sold for £4539 

If we include the Autumn Exhibition in the West Horsely Place Farm Barn then total sales for November were 82 artworks totalling £10,600. 


Many thanks to all those who helped to make both exhibitions such a success👋👏 

West Horsley Place Craft Fair.jpg

Image of the Month - by Valerie Thorpe Great Egret

Great Egret.jpeg

Exhibition at West Horsley Place: 5th - 14th November 2021

SUMMARY from Ingrid Skoglund, Exhibitions Coordinator

AUTUMN 2021Art Exhibition Flyer - Made with PosterMyWall-2.jpg

Visitor Numbers – Considering we had only 2  banners in public areas and no paid advertising - visitor numbers were encouraging.   Roughy 750 were recorded across the exhibition with the busiest day the opening on Sat 6th with about 150 visitors for the opening and the rest of the day.  The worst day for sales was Thursday 11th November which recorded zero sales, but visitor numbers were still average compared to other weekdays. Visitors were just not buying that day. Considerable efforts by Annemarie on social media would have contributed to our visitor numbers.   

Setting Up and Taking Down and General Running of the exhibition. Lots of very welcome help from various spouses and non-members in delivering the stands, setting up the stands and marshalling in the cold, without whom we could not have held the exhibition.  I won’t embarrass you guys by mentioning you by name but you know who you are – thank you. 

The skilful curating was headed by Melanie Cambridge and Barbara Morton and a team of helpers. Thank you to them and to the receiving team who all helped to get the paintings in and up and Annemarie for the labels.  

Also thanks to the committee members and those who helped steward, especially Marylin McNie and those always there to help above and beyond.       

Exhibition.  The standard was very high and many visitors, members and tutors commented favourably on the excellent show and left their written comments in our visitors' book.  

AWARDS were made as follows. 

The Gerald Kaufman Award: Ron McGill – TOWARDS THE HARBOUR  

The Aquarius Open Award:  Anne Zoutsos - THE WOLF  

Guildford Financial – Best of Guildford Award: Viv Markley - PAVED WITH GOLD

RSM Accountants Best Contemporary Artwork: Fiona Champion – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE


The George Weil Award for best Mixed Media: Ingrid Skoglund – FLIGHT OF THE OPTIMIST

Guildford Arts Open Award: Kim Page - PEONIES  

The President’s Award: David Jobson – BORDER SCENE 


Images of the artists with their award winning artworks can be seen on Facebook and on Instagram.  The links to these can be found at the top left of this page. 


SALES – 42 Sales for a total of £6270. The majority of sales were folios and within the lower price range.  


Thanks to all who entered and to all those who helped to make this such a successful post-covid show.  


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Chairman Sinclair Webster's Painting: Walkers

Sinclair Webster_Walkers.jpg

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