The purpose of this open website is to present to the general public and our members, our news, information about events, to show members' artworks in our gallery and give guidance on making contact with us. You can also look at our open Facebook page by clicking here 

We are of charitable status for Gift Aid purposes, registration number EW40304.

New Chairman

On the 16 March 2019 at our Annual General Meeting Mr Sinclair Webster put himself forward for the vacant Chairman position and was voted in unopposed.  In his address Sinclair thanked Marylin McNie after six years of service in that role., for all her hard work, dedication and incredible ability to promote the Art Society.

Sinclair said he would like to hear members' views on possible Society painting trips to other locations whether it be inside or outside the country.

At the Committee meeting on 18 June 2019 Ingrid Skoglund was proposed and seconded as Vice Chairman.  She will also remain the Exhibitions' Cordinator with a subcommittee dedicated to exhibitions and shows.  If you wish to contact a committee member then look at the contact page above or click here to go there. 

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Prize Winners

We would like to thank Giles Reid, Trustee of West Horsley Place @WestHorsleyPlace who opened our exhibition on Saturday 2 Nov 2019.  Giles was introduced by our Chairman, Sinclair Webster. 

Our President June Allison officiated the awards presentation to the following artists at the opening.

AJS Award to Maggie Butler for "Bird Form" 

George Weil Award to Christine Taharian for "The View"

Mary Wilkie Award to Michael Gallone for "Clacton Beach"

The Aquarius Award to Valerie Thorpe for "Maltese Harbour" 

The President’s Award to Anne Heat for "Chamomile and Cup" 

The Country Club Award to Fiona Champion for "Amur Leopard"

The RSM Contemporary Artwork Prize to Margaret Benton for "Girl Blue" 

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Show your paintings at the offices of RSM Guildford

If an interested member then look at this letter from RSMs about this possibility.  Click here for instructions. 

Paul Banning 

All members of Guildford Art Society are invited to attend Paul’s Christmas Open Studio at his house in Farnham on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2019 10.30 – 4.00 pm. You can view the invitation by clicking here.  If you plan to go then contact Jeremy Banning to confirm parking. 


Click on the Gallery heading above and you will now see that we have more galleries in place.  There is an Artist of the Month gallery which will feed an archive gallery of the same.  We also have images relating to previous exhibitions, for example the Pavilion show in 2019, a Patchings entries gallery, a portraits' gallery from Jane Allison and the open gallery in which members' works have been shown for some time.  We also try to show images of works in our current exhibitions.


Members can submit images to the Artist of the Month gallery through the Social Media Secretary and images for the members' main gallery through the Webmaster.  If you wish to submit images then look at the Webmaster's contact page to see how to do it.

Roger Dellar has a studio weekend exhibition shortly. His poster is opposite and you are welcome to attend.

Subscription Fees

Our membership year runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Annual subscriptions are due on 1 January 2020.  If you join during the subscription year your fee for that year will be the remaining months in total calculated at £2 per month.  You join as a regular member but the annual fee remains the same if you become an exhibiting member in the future. 

Annual Subscription Rates:

Email Member:   £25 - newsletters, other news and information by email as well as reliance upon our website and social media communications

Postal Member:  £30 - newsletters and important documents by post.  No new members will be admitted to this category.  See the Note below. Existing postal members can renew but we want all members to change to email members as soon as possible.

Click here on Membership page to get Application and Renewal forms by downloading them from this website.  Fill in the appropriate form and send it to the Membership Secretary with your cheque by post or confirm by email that you will pay on line using a BACS transfer or setting up a standing order. You can email your form to the Membership Secretary, particularly if you have paid on line. Please tick the Gift Aid box if you pay income tax.  GAS can then reclaim a tax benefit from HMG.

Note: The Committee is looking at whether or not to continue with Postal membership for regular, exhibiting and life members.  In this postal category the extra administrative work and the assembly and posting of paperwork and newsletters is beginning to look unwieldy as the number of postal members is declining and our activities are increasing  In fact now 64 Postal members also have an email address in our database and regularly look at this website and our Facebook pages. Only 15 Postal members have not submitted an email address to date but we may ask them again soon. The rapid development of social media is influencing our views of our membership categories and our administration. Our members are all going on line and almost everybody has a mobile telephone which facilitates email.

GDPR and Privacy Policy 


New regulations have come into effect across Europe to protect your personal data – commonly called GDPR.  They follow the existing GDP laws in the UK and establish more extensive regulations for processing personal data. Brexit may change this.


The GAS committee have devised a provisional Privacy Policy to align with the new requirements. This is available for you to read when you click here


Please be assured that the Committee stores your identity data carefully and will not share it with third parties without your consent. 


If you have any enquiries please contact me at


Create your own website

If you are an artist and want to create your own website have a look at these examples with a click here :-)

OR go to the same technical creation source for our web pages, sign up as a user yourself and set up your own website at

If you want to know about other arts events in Guildford then click on this link to learn more.

Image of the Month

By Ellie Contreras

Ice Cream

Ellie Contreras is a contemporary figurative painter. She lives in Thursley with her two sons and her Peruvian husband who she met in 2001 while backpacking in India. Her adventurous spirit and ‘joie de vivre’ is reflected in her paintings which are full of life and colour..



If you would like to submit work to be chosen as image of the month or to be shown in the Gallery on this website please click here to send your request and we will get back to you.