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Spring Exhibition 23 March 2019

The Rt Hon. Anne Milton MP & Mayor, Councillor Mike Parsons

Sinclair Webster ne Chairman of Guildford Art Society

The Rt. Hon. Anne Milton MP officially opened the Guildford Art Society exhibition today. She viewed the artwork and then gave a speech emphasising the importance of art in bringing breadth and depth to our lives. These words were echoed by The Mayor, Councillor Mike Parsons, who later tweeted “…astounding display of so much artistic talent…” Finally, we heard from our new Chairman, Sinclair Webster, who thanked Ingrid Skoglund and the team for all their hard work.

Throughout the day visitors commented that the spacious and well-lit venue is well suited to viewing the 300 pieces of artwork. There are plenty of places to sit and view both the artwork and the cricket pitch.

Spring Exhibition 2019 Opening

Spring Exhibition 2019 artist and visitors

The Rt Hon. Ann Milton MP

Mayor Councillor Mike Parsons

It was a very successful day with many paintings and craft works being sold. We hope that many more visitors will come throughout the week, culminating with a Mother’s Day celebration on 31 March to end the exhibition.

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