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Thank you Brenda MacKinnon

Talented abstract artist and lifetime member of Guildford Art Society, Brenda MacKinnon has had to downsize due to personal circumstances; for this reason she has donated her art supplies to the society. At the last demonstration we offered these wonderful products to our artists and to date have collected over £100,. We will be donating the money collected to a local art charity. There are still a few gems left so they will be offered at future demonstrations and to the Thursday group. Please get in touch if you are interested in used acrylic paints/papers for a very reasonable donation.

Brenda’s interests have always been a great love of Nature, colour and design, and in tandem with classical music, they have provided her inspiration and are reflected in her art:

The sample of her artwork in the following images are part of

A series of collage and watercolour abstract compositions

A series of close -up details of Nature in watercolour

A series of close -up fine details of Nature in charcoal (large paintings)

Brenda has also created many Floral paintings in watercolour, which were not included below.

We would like to thank Brenda for her very generous donation and wish her well in her new home.


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