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Workshop with Jamel Akib

The aim of the workshop was to learn how to add life to your paintings by introducing a vigour to your brush strokes and a punch to your colour.

Looking at a variety of subjects and adding movement to a still life, seascapes, a dancer, wildlife and birds.

All your strokes will emanate from a  clear focal point,  but the focus will be on achieving movement with a fast and loose approach.  

The workshop was loved by all who participated. Despite having the same references there were some very different pieces of art that came from the afternoon. Thank you to Jamel Akib for a lovely time:)

And thank you to Therese Ferrero for organising, even though she did not participate she was on hand to answer questions and make everyone feel at home.

Here are Therese's comments:

Thank you all for coming and for your feedback.

I feel it was a very enjoyable afternoon and Jamel certainly is an excellent tutor.

I look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Christopher Cole demonstration on the 15/06 and workshop on the 22/06.

Do put these dates in your diary.


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