Autumn Exhibition Now Open at West Horsley Place

We would like to thank Giles Reid, Trustee of West Horsley Place @WestHorsleyPlace who opened our exhibition today. Giles was introduced by our Chairman Sinclair Webster.

Our President June Allison officiated the awards presentation to the following artists:

AJS Award to Maggie Butler for Bird Form. The award was selected by Monica Bowen.

The George Weil Award went to Christine Taharian for The View. The award was selected and presented by our Chairman Sinclair Webster. George Weil Arts & Crafts shop is located in Peasmarsh, Guildford GU3 1LZ.

The Mary Wilkie Award went to Michael Gallone for Clacton Beach. Michael could not be there for the ceremony but the wonderful trophy can be seen in the hands of Mary Wilkie's son in the photograph.

Sadly Mary Wilkie, died this year at the age of 103, she was Guildford Art Societies oldest member and still submitting paintings to our exhibitions at the age of 100.

The Aquarius Award to Valerie Thorpe for Maltese Harbour was selected by Michael Woods of Aquarius Framing in Godalming.

The President’s Award to Anne Heat for Chamomile and Cup. The award was selected by our President June Allison.

The Country Club Award was given to Fiona Champion for Amur Leopard.

The RSM Contemporary Artwork Prize to Margaret Benton for Girl Blue. Twice a year Dee Hughes at RSM Guildford coordinates an exhibition of Guildford Art Society artwork in their office.

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