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August Pipeline 2021

Dear Member, Welcome to our August issue of GAS Pipeline Pipeline will keep you up to date on happenings in Guildford Art Society and what your committee are doing on your behalf - and provide fun activities and challenges from time to time.
Our Demonstration Programme Arranged by Sally Perrella We're in our Summer Recess so enjoy the summer! Our Autumn Programme will commence in September - hopefully at St Catherine's Village Hall - though it is possible that some of the demos may need to be online. More information nearer the time. 11th September Welcome Back Social (No Demo) 9th October Heather Miller Impressionist, Semi abstract - Acrylics 13th November Phil Madley Subject TBA - Encaustic Wax Painting 11th December Christmas Social (No Demo) If any of our demos are done online the artists will broadcast in their chosen format, and Sally or Jean will email details in advance on how to join. Unless otherwise advised, demos will start at 2.30 and finish at around 4.30, and we may be able to provide a recording of some of them for a limited time after the demo.
Our Exhibition Plans As you know, due to uncertainties we had to give up on a Summer Exhibition, but Ingrid has plans for autumn onwards starting with - A Pop-up Exhibition at Holy Trinity Church, High St. Guildford, on 23rd October. You may have heard rumours of an event on 5th September but if so, please disregard them. This is a very popular and informal venue - - 3 paintings each, to be displayed on chairs (nothing on the floor) - Unframed folios - As many as you can carry (no fork lift trucks or cranes) - All labelled (with your name, artwork name, price and medium) - Cards - all priced at £2.50 - please bring your own card rack - Crafts - table available if pre-booked - please let Ingrid know - No commission, no iZettle fees charged - Entry cost a flat £12 (exact money please) - Profit will be shared equally with the church - Arrival 8.30 to 9 am (doors open 10 am) - Collection at the end 4 pm to 4.30 - Stewarding by all entrants (2 hours min - sign up on the day, 3 at all times) - To enter please advise Ingrid soonest at The rest of the programme is - - Our Autumn Exhibition at West Horsley Place, from 5th November - The Artisan Fair at West Horsley Place, 26th-28th November - A Christmas Pop-up at Holy Trinity Church, 4th December
Our Artist of the Month for July is Janina Klein
You can see more of Janina's work on the GAS website or on

Something That Might Interest You Cecilia and I went to the RA a few days ago to see David Hockney's The Arrival of Spring Exhibition - all done on his iPad, and as expected, it was very enjoyable and enlightening, well worth a visit. As we were there we also took in the Tracy Emin and Edvard Munch exhibitions, and to avoid offending anyone I'll simply say Emin's work isn't my thing (don't get me started!) To round the visit off we went on to the Michael Armitage exhibition and that was the real revelation. Armitage is a Kenyan-borm artist and I must confess that African art isn't normally my thing either. The richness of the colours and complexity of the images was almost too much for the senses, and after going round twice I wasn't that impressed. I really didn't get it until I went round for the third time, and that's when I was able to take it all in and appreciate what I was seeing. Quite weird really - I started off thinking it wasn't very good and half an hour later I thought it was absolutely fantastic. The Armitage exhibition finishes on 19th September and Hockney finishes on 26th September.
GAS Monthly Challenge - The Challenge subject for August is ....... Animal. If you are as mature as I am and remember the BBC quiz show Animal, Vegetable or Mineral - you will know that anything that isn't Vegetable or Mineral - is Animal - so stretch the theme as far as you like - as long as you portray Animal Life - in any medium or visual art form. As before, do remember that if you ask your friends to look at your entry ask them to put a like against all the entries that catch their eye - Challenge is a fun competition and we want the best entries to win. The winner will receive a voucher prize and be featured in next month's issue of Pipeline and on the GAS website. If you'd like to enter just email your image (jpeg file) to Cecilia at - by the 20th of July, and please make sure you give her your full name in your email. Sally's Saturday Coffee Mornings on Zoom Will be advised as and when arranged And Finally - From You To Us! If you'd like to make a comment or suggestion please send me an email - I'd be glad to hear from you! Take Care - and See You Next Month! David Sprot - Pipeline Editor


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