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Gas Pipeline December 2021

Dear Member, Welcome to our new issue of GAS Pipeline Pipeline will keep you up to date on happenings in Guildford Art Society and what your Committee are doing on your behalf - and provide fun activities and challenges from time to time.

Our Demonstration Programme Arranged by Sally Perrella Our 2022 Programme begins on - 8th January Jim Petterson Demo - Handmade Watercolour Paper 12th February Soraya French Acrylic - Floral Landscapes 12th March Maggie Cross Demo - Chinese Brush 9th April Chris Christoforou Talk - Beauty in the Back Yard 7th May Fiona Pruden Watercolour - Abstract We expect St Catherine's to be the venue for our 2022 Demos but it's possible that some of the demos may need to be online. If any of our demos are indeed to be online the artists will broadcast in their chosen format, and Sally or Jean will email joining details. Demos will start at 2.30 and finish at around 4.30, and we may be able to provide a recording of some of them after the demo Members are requested to contribute £2 at our Live meetings (no charge for refreshments) and may bring guests on payment of £3

Our Exhibitions

Arranged by Ingrid Skoglund 2021 concluded with two very successful events at West Horsley Place - - Our Autumn Exhibition in The Barn from 6th-14th November, which had 750 visitors and over £6,000 in sales - not bad given that many people are still a little nervous because of you-know-what!. Award winners were Ron McGill, Anne Zoutsos, Viv Markley, Fiona Champion, Ingrid Skoglund, Kim Page, and David Jobson. Congratulations to all - Our participation in the Surrey Hills Craft Fair from 26th-28th November, which was well supported and achieved sales of more than £4,500 So sales of more than £10,500 from the two events - well done Ingrid, all the helpers, and all who took part Our 2022 Programme will commence with a Pop-up in the Spring - and we'd appreciate volunteers stepping forward to help with the organisation - it's not difficult - it's well supported - and it's quite a fun thing to do. Details later

Artist of the Month We don't have an Artist of the Month for November as our hard-working team have been concentrating their formidable grey matter on our Exhibitions Programme - but don't despair - Artist of the Month will be back on the website in December!

GAS Monthly Challenge - Our Challenge for November was ..... CHRISTMAS! and you submitted 12 excellent entries - very difficult for the panel this month As before, the entries were anonymised and put on Instagram by Ingrid, and the ten entries with the most Instagram 'likes' were then submitted (still anonymised) to our eleven-member panel (up from ten previously - no expense spared here!). Our panel included our Chairman Sinclair and our President Jane Allison - many thanks to all We had almost a dead-heat based on the votes of the first ten panellists, and I was on tenterhooks waiting for the votes of the final panellist, which would surely decide the winner. The suspense was almost unbearable, and I was worried that the news hounds would get wind of it and I'd end up on TV (again). Fortunately, however, our security system held up, and the final votes came in without the news leaking But did it help? No. We went from almost a dead-heat to a dead-heat. The joint winners were these two excellent works by Noel Kendall (the first one) and Liz Seward (the second). I'm going to put a robin in my entry next month!

All 12 entries can be seen on the GAS Instagram account, the top ten paintings will appear on the GAS website very soon, and the winners will receive a voucher prize. The Challenge for December is ....... PLAY! Could be children playing, could be playing games or sport, could be a theatre play, could be whatever you like as long as there's a connection to play, so go on, stretch the theme - in any medium or visual art form. If you'd like to enter just email your image (.jpeg or .jpg file) to Cecilia, at - by the 20th of December, and please make sure you give her your full name in your email. After the 20th of December closing date Ingrid will put all the entries on Instagram and you can cast your votes (likes) then - it's not as if there's much else to do round about then is it? And as always - - Just one entry per person - A .jpeg or .jpg file - not a link to your website - Ask your friends to put a like against ALL the entries they like - Be aware of Copyright - for info click on the Gallery tab on the GAS website and you'll find guidance and useful links. Committee Doings Our Hon Treasurer, Caroline Warren, will be stepping down at the end of our current subscription year, (ending March), after many years of sterling service for the Society - more about Caroline later. We would therefore be grateful to receive expressions of interest in succeeding her - please contact our President, Sinclair, Caroline (on or our Secretary, Jean Ellis. Caroline will of course be glad to provide every assistance in the hand over process And Finally - From You To Us! If you'd like to make a comment or suggestion on Pipeline please send us an email to - we'd be glad to hear from you! Take Care - and See You Next Month! David Sprot and Cecilia Barandiaran-Sprot - Pipeline Editors


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